Miss Marples

The local tea room in the quaint old English village of St. Mary Mead was the gathering place for all the local identities.
It was a hotbed of gossip, and to anyone of an enquiring mind, like Miss Marple, it was a constant source of useful information.

It was Miss Marple’s shrewd powers of observation that enabled her to solve many a dastardly crime.

As she herselfso often observed, ‘Human nature is muchthe same everywhere, and of course, one has the opportunity of seeing it all at close quarters in a village like St. Mary Mead.’

Sometimes, the charming old lady could be found busily engaged in her garden, casting a watchful eye over the passersby; or on the outskirts of St. Mary Mead, binoculars poised, enjoying her favourite hobby of bird watching.

Miss Marple was the delightful character created by Agatha Christie, portrayed on the screen to perfection by Margaret Rutherford.

We trust that you too, will enjoy observing the local characters and identities, as you relax in the cosiness of Miss Marple’s Tea Room, in the village of Sassafras.

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