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Cleaning & Preparation

Cleaning & PreparationWe provide a complete and individualised accommodation cleaning service. Our protocol ensures that all properties are cleaned and prepared, ready for guest arrivals.

24/7 Booking Service

Our locally based Booking Services Team is available 24/7 to process bookings for your property. We will book & process payments for your venue, as well as monitor your adverts & listings and coordinate promotions and deals.
Our Booking Division provides the following services:
• Establish your venue on booking sites
• Monitor and coordinate tariffs and presentations
• Process bookings, schedules and calendars
• Process payments and deposits

Marketing & Advertising

Marketing & AdvertisingWe will list your venue on all the hot accommodation, travel and advertising mediums to roll in the bookings.

We also offer web development, graphic design, print media and more.

Customer Care

Our Customer Care Division is available 24/7 to address just about any issue or query your guest/s may have. With important information about your venue on our system, our Customer Care team will be equipped to address any matter that comes their way.

Mobile Concierge

Checking-in and checking-out occupants can be a major challenge. Our mobile concierge will contact guests, greet them at your property, check them in and show them through the facilities.

Call-outs & Maintenance

There is nothing worse that a guest contacting you because a light globe is out, or no batteries in the remote or any general maintenance issues that crop up. We offer a call-out service handle most i

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